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Discover Eudonet, the flexible CRM platform for robust customer relationships

Eudonet is a total CRM solution for the Not-for-Profit sector, empowering your organisation to achieve its contact engagement goals. It will allow you to better utilise your data by optimising its collection whilst providing vigorous analysis tools to help ensure your organisation achieves strategic sustainable growth. Our customers can testify, that harnessing the power of their data and their contact network has been the key to increased efficiency and growth of their organisations.

Why choose us?

With over 20 years serving the not-for-profit sector, our team of consultants and specialists are on hand to help empower your organisation to achieve its contact engagement goals.

Longevity is

the key

Our mission is to build long lasting fruitful, sincere business relationships with our clients and to be become a trusted, valued supplier within your business

Project Services,

we can do it all

With more than 2,000 projects to date, Eudonet has experience in all aspects of project leadership. From implementation, to training, to data migrations we are a one-stop shop for all your project needs.

Even more connected

with Eudostore

Should your needs and requirements change, Eudonet CRM’s flexibility gives you the options to add new features at any time, Visit the Eudostore to discover the additional options that are available to help your organisation evolve.

Do you have a CRM project?

We have been contributing to the success of our customers for over 20 years.

Un panel d’extensions pour être encore plus connecté à vos contacts et enrichir votre Eudonet de nouvelles fonctionnalités !

« Mettez tous vos contacts dans votre poche et accédez à votre base Eudonet en mobilité comme au bureau, sur iOS ou Android »

Eudo Touch Eudo Touch is the essential extension for Eudonet software. Harness the power of your CRM in your pocket, on your Android smartphone or iPhone! Calendar, contacts, companies, email, SMS ... all functions are available on your mobile devices. Create, update or delete the data contained in your CRM on-the-go as well as in the office! Learn more

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