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Cash flow integrated directly into your existing accounting software.

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Accounting interface

Accounting interface
Cash flow integrated directly into your existing accounting software through Eudonet. No more duplicate recording. Save time and minimise errors!

£5.00 per user / per month
You manage daily cash flow via Eudonet: invoicing, monitoring payments, membership fees event bookings reports, fundraising, etc. Any operation involving an accounting procedure.
Once our accounting interface will allow Eudonet to be linked to your finance package system and it will produce accounting batches containing all the documents and entries required for accounting integration.
Using this extension, you can customise your documents, ledgers, account numbers, VAT rates, payment methods and analytical accounts that are used within Eudonet, to seamlessly meet the requirements of your accounting processes and all current regulatory requirements.
Less time wasted and fewer potential errors from duplicate recording; up to date information shared between CRM and accounts: your new sales administration partner!