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Entering your invoices, credit notes or payments into the accounting system is tedious. With the SAGE accounting extension, one click is enough, and above all, no more input errors.

£10 per month/ users*
With the SAGE enhancement, you can save yourself the trouble of entering accounting entries. Automatically or on demand, transfer your sales or settlement journals directly from Eudonet to SAGE accounting, as a structured flat file.
This extension allows you to :
  • Customize your chart of accounts
  • Assign a Product account for each billed product or service
  • Assign a Customer account to each invoiced entity
  • Assigning a vendor account to each service provider or subcontracting entity
  • Generate your accounting entries in SAGE format
  • Export automatically or on demand your Sales journals (Invoices and Credit notes)
  • Export your settlement logs automatically or on demand
  • Automatically export or on demand your purchase logs