Marketing Automation

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Marketing Automation
Marketing Automation
Do you want to send your emails and SMS at the right time to the right person? Are you looking for efficiency in managing your multi-channel campaigns?
Marketing automation is for you. A feature built into your emailing and SMS wizard that allows you to schedule sends according to predefined criteria.
For example, you can let Eudonet automatically select your new customers of the day and send them a welcome email every evening at 9pm when you are not even in the office.
Combined with the native email and SMS sending features, this extension gives Eudonet an incredible power: creation of responsive design templates, integration of merge fields to personalise messages, tracking links, RGPD management of consent and unsubscription, sending frequency, unlimited targeting criteria, ...
The Marketing Automation by Eudonet extension allows you to set up:
🔍 The regular addition of new targets to your campaigns according to pre-defined criteria;
⌚ Send scheduled emails or SMS in advance;
✉ Sending regular emails or SMS according to a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or even certain days only such as working days;
⚙ Dynamic recipient filtering to send messages only to people meeting specific, qualifying or behavioural criteria;
🔸 Setting up real scenarios with several successive steps for adding recipients and sending;
⏯ Pause and restart these scenarios.
All you have to do is follow the sending statistics for each stage of the campaign. In a word: prepare your campaigns and let Eudonet act! A dream tool for communication and marketing professionals.
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