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The solution that simplifies your contact management

Easily organise and manage your contacts

Companies and organisations manage a multitude of contacts – individual and organisations. The volume of data, the diversity of sources used (Excel files, email directories, etc.) as well as the various contacts (customers, suppliers, etc.) constitute to a difficulty in the administration and management of your contact database. With Eudonet CRM integral software, manage all your contacts in a single database, common to all users with the possibility of limiting each person's viewing and modification rights. Your database is therefore more reliable, without duplication and easily updated in real time for everyone.
Contact Management CRM

Track your contacts wherever they go

Your contacts are sometimes difficult to track: a work address different from the address of their company's headquarters, a change of position or even a change of company. Your exchanges with them may vary depending on the professional development of each of them. With Eudonet CRM integral software, you get a 360 ° view of all your contacts. Instantly find all the information saved on a contact such as your exchanges, letters, invitations, interactions, documents, customer events, etc. Your work will become simpler and faster.
Contact Management 360°view

GDPR compliance

If you use personal or sensitive data (prospect, members, suppliers, ...), then you need to comply with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). It is therefore essential to be extremely attentive in the management of data. Eudonet CRM integral software allows you to manage your data in accordance with the GDPR. You can anonymise your data, schedule data archiving or deletion. Regarding the sending of information, newsletters or emailing campaigns, consent is automatically updated in the CRM software. Depending on their subscription preferences or unsubscribes, the contact will no longer receive an email or newsletter, even if it is still in the mailing list.


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