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Raise more funds with the Eudonet Donor Management CRM

Faced with declining public funding, foundations are increasingly raising private funds to finance their projects. Today, organisations that are successful in meeting their donation goals have the ability to offer a quality experience to their donors. They can achieve this by tailoring their means of communication to each donor profile. Essentially, organisations that optimise their administrative management while keeping their database centralised have a clear advantage. This is exactly what the Eudonet Donor Management CRM offers.

Reliable information with a unique and up-to-date database

The quality and organisation of contact data and information at an organisations disposal are key factors in its success. Using a centralised database, Eudonet optimises the deduplication of contacts and avoids multiple entry. Whether it is your donors, your members or your volunteers, their profile updates will be done seamlessly so you can dedicate more time to increasing your fundraising opportunities.

Donor Management

Profile your contacts to adapt your strategies

If you want to build your donor relationships and reach your fundraising goals, it is important to know your contacts. Using the Eudonet exploration tool, our clients can categorise their donors and adapt their fundraising strategy to increase the amount and frequency of their donations.

Simplify and enhance the donor experience

Attracting potential donors to your website is not enough to convert their pledge into a donation. Engagement essentially focuses on the donor’s spontaneity and the organisation’s ability to capture in that moment. With simple and intuitive online donation forms that can be shared via social media, Eudonet helps its customers deliver a unique experience to their donors and maximise their conversion rates.


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