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How does our integral CRM software helps you manage your events programme?

Expand your events programme

Integral Eudonet CRM allows organisations to create a comprehensive events programme with its prices, locations, durations, dates, objectives, codes, administrative formalities and booking conditions. Post your events on your website to maximise the filling of your sessions and focus your targeted campaigns to your potential event attendees.

Analyse and improve your targets with the Eudonet CRM software

In order to seize every business opportunity, it is essential to increase the areas where associations collect valuable data. Websites, social networks, digital marketing campaigns and events are all channels that will allow you to expand your database. Thanks to integral Eudonet CRM, you will be able to analyse these different sources, know where to focus your efforts, and on what type of platform to develop actions to make them more effective.

An integral CRM that optimises the registration process

Eudonet CRM offers you the ability to create your booking forms so you can collect the information you really need. Moreover, the software generates and updates the event statistics in real-time therefore allowing to have accurate up to date information on who has booked onto your events. With our highly flexible tool, you can also easily print nametags, communicate with your event contacts, manage attendance and create and edit training certificates. Via integral Eudonet CRM Web API, you will be able to manage incoming applications in real time and the creation of the candidates' personal space will allow you to further expand your database.
A CRM that optimises the registration process

Guarantee the smooth running of your events

Organising Events, whether they be a simple registration only right through to a multi streaming conference, requires the ability to plan logistical, material and human resources, to manage administrative tasks. In integral Eudonet CRM, you are able to select and manage your network of speakers and make sure of their availability, track those invited as well as registered right through to those that attend. Finally, you can edit certificates of attendance or certificates of competence.
Guarantee the smooth running of your events

Follow and optimise your events

In order to be able to manage the performance of your Event programme and improve the quality of the Events provided by your association, you rely on feedback and comments from participants. Thanks to integral Eudonet CRM, you can carry out hot or cold satisfaction surveys after your sessions. By easily evaluating the event attendees experience, you are able to better analyse the impact of the Events in accessible and customisable dashboards.


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