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The five steps for successful communications

Target the right recipients

Integral Eudonet CRM allows you to send the right message to the right contact at the right time to maximise effectiveness. Filter and segment your contacts, taking into account all of the information available in the database, including everyone's “GDPR” consent. This targeting can then be extended either by importing additional recipients or by using the marketing automation dynamic functionality.
Target the right recipients

Choose multichannel communications

There are several ways to reach your contacts. Use all the contact details of your recipients to distribute your personalised messages via email, text or direct post. Or export your segmented contact’s and pass to your trusted external service provider. Go further with marketing automation, by scripting and planning your campaigns with ease.
multichannel communications

Use the forms and share them on social networks

Thanks to the dynamic and customisable forms of integral Eudonet CRM, enrich your database and attract new contacts. Use the forms in your campaigns to collect useful information in real time from your targets, track people who have clicked on a link or responded to a request. Also post forms on your website or share them on social media to collect incoming requests, capture new contacts and expand your targets.

Adopt creative communications

Depending on the communication channel, use your imagination to create impactful messages: Responsive emails or forms, PDF or even Word ... Save them as templates by inserting custom fields and clickable buttons (" Call to Action”), by adding images and hyperlinks, or by integrating preview, subscription and unsubscribe links to update the “GDPR” consent of your contacts.
Creative Communications

Measure the effectiveness of your communication

Include tracking links in your messages to analyse the elements that are important (hyperlinks, downloads, response buttons, etc.). Receive a complete report of deliveries and analyse the deliverability statistics (delivered / not delivered, clickers, openings, subscribers, downloads, etc.). Thanks to dashboards, monitor and measure the impact of your communication campaigns directly in the integral Eudonet CRM.
Measure the effectiveness of your communication


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