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Once your needs have been identified and your specifications established, the implementation of a CRM tool within your company will take place in 7 stages:
  • the launch of the CRM project
  • workshops to customise your CRM system
  • specific developments of your new CRM solution
  • data transfer/migration to your new CRM software
  • testing and acceptance of your CRM system
  • training and start-up of your CRM software
  • change management in your organisation

Launching the project

In this first stage, we lay down the foundations of the project and define together the responsibilities of each party (both for you and for Eudonet). During this phase the schedule of goals and deliverables is drawn up. Your solution is already available in its initial version in order to make communication between our teams more efficient. An initial meeting (remotely or on your premises) will define:
  • The roles of the parties involved, at Eudonet and in your team.
  • Project follow-up: planning and key dates
  • The scope and objectives of the project
  • The data migration strategy

Customisation workshops

The objective of this second stage is to define the settings and interfaces of your CRM system with your business applications that need to be made:
  • Adjustments to the tabs (tables)
  • Adjustments to fields and management rules
  • Adjustments to keywords and formats
  • Setting up rights and security rules
  • Focus on data migration

Specific developments

If your CRM project includes specific features (automations, interfaces, reporting, editions, extranet), this third stage is dedicated to it. We carry out sprints (iterative cycles) in 5 stages:
  • Definition of the development with regard to the functional and technical specifications
  • Estimation of the workload and recommendation of timelines according to the objectives.
  • Prioritisation of work: development, acceptance, adjustments, etc.
  • Specific developments for prioritised functionalities.
  • Testing and corrections.

Migration of your data

Eudonet project managers define with you the methodology for data migration:
  • Mapping between your data and your new Eudonet CRM system
  • Data integration rules: deduplication keys, choice of merge, transformation...
  • Data import execution order
At the end of this phase, you will be able to see all of your specified data within Eudonet CRM system.

Tests and Q&A

Using test scenarios prepared in advance, your teams ensure that all the functional and technical aspects of the software are operational and that the system meets your needs. Once all the tests have been carried out, the acceptance procedure can be completed and your Eudonet CRM can then go into operation.

Training & deployment

In this final stage, we deploy the finalised version of your Eudonet CRM in your IT environment. The interfaces are activated and the data transfer is completed. This is also the moment for your team to take the solution in hand and to follow the necessary training (user or administrator) in order to fully master the solution. At the end of this training, customisable user are provided.

Successful change management in your Professional Association

The implementation and deployment of a customer relationship management software is important for any organisation. You don’t want it to be unsuccessful. The support of your employees as much as your management is essential for the success of such a project. For this reason, change management is a task that should not be underestimated. A successful change management process begins with the support of your company's management and the identification of the project's owners. Ideally, you should appoint at least one person from each relevant department as the project's contact person. During the customisation workshops (step 2), it is recommended that each stakeholder consults their teams in order to define precisely the needs of each person so that everyone finds the desired processes and functionalities in the CRM system. This also helps to overcome any reluctance to accept the change that a CRM solution may bring to the daily management of one's business. Training is also a very good way to erase any remaining concerns. It is therefore essential that everyone follows them.

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