How to choose your Professional Associations CRM?

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There are many Customer relationship management solutions (CRM) on the market. But not all are necessarily adapted to the specifics of your professional organisation. It is essential that the solution you choose allows you to effectively manage your organisation in order to quickly achieve your objectives. Between open-source CRM and ultra-specialised CRM, which solution should you choose?

Define your functional needs

The nature of any Professional Association places you at the heart of a vast network of contacts. A good relationship with them is therefore essential to build loyalty among your members and recruit new ones having therefore greater influence within your sector. In this context, your new CRM solution must be able to meet your functional needs in a comprehensive manner in order to simplify the performance of your actions. To help you define your needs precisely, we suggest you formalise them in a specification. Thanks to this, your software editor will have full knowledge of your project and will be able to offer you an adequate service. You will then be able to choose the right CRM solution for your organisation. Here are some examples of functional areas that you can list:
  • Centralisation and management of your contacts and their data
  • Recruitment and retention of your members
  • Management of annual data
  • Creation of membership campaigns and reminders
  • Management of events (committees, working groups, training, etc.)
  • Enhanced representation and management of subscriptions
  • Maintaining activity in all circumstances (telecommuting, external appointments, etc.)
  • And so on...
By adopting the CRM philosophy, you make your own optimised internal processes more efficient. Also, your CRM must be able to follow the development of your structure: flexibility and scalability are the secret of the ideal tool.

What is the right price/quality ratio?

Within the CRM market, we can identify 3 main types of solutions:
  • The large common CRM solutions: these are the well-known American publishers. Although they may seem to adapt to your business, this is only true to a certain extent: they generally lack the ability to adapt specific functionalities. The unique developments offered by the editor may have a certain cost, implying that your return on investment will be longer.
  • Open-source CRM solutions: their main advantage is that they are free. As they are often limited in their functionalities and not very scalable, these solutions are not the most appropriate for your Professional Organisation.
  • Dedicated CRM solutions: they integrate all the functional aspects that are essential to your business. By choosing a complete CRM system such as Eudonet CRM Professional Association, you benefit from a flexible, ergonomic and connected solution that meets all your needs. Our 4-tiered offering allows you to find the CRM solution that fits your budget. And thanks to the EudoStore, you can upgrade your system as your organisation develops and needs a change.
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