Business Intelligence with OM.Net Reports and EasiQuery

Filter data on-screen and print for better decision making

OM.Net Analytics

With our helpful analytics tools, reporting is well catered for, with comprehensive standard reports for each of the OM.Net modules.
Our EasiQuery interrogation tool is designed to get results with minimum effort.
At the heart of EasiQuery’s simplicity is the creation of a range of pre-defines database selections which enable the user to search a reduced number of relevant field across the database.
OM.Net Analytics provide the tools to be able to analyse the data stored in OM.Net effectivevely.
Introducing Reports and EasiQuery:

  • OM.Net Reports – The core and each module of OM.Net are provided with a standard set of reports. These reports provide a plethora of information including simple listing, analysis and documentation.
  • OM.Net EasiQuery – Is the easy to use query manager for OM.Net which can be used to interrogate the database quickly to extract data from the database. Utilising a combination of step-by-step wizards, user prompts and pull down lists users can access the data quickly and easily in order to produce data for marketing and day to day notification purposes (e.g. mail / email / SMS / fax).

The key features of OM.Net Analytics

Copy existing pre-defined selection & turn them into tools of choice

Add and amend filtering criteria

Add or remove fields from outputs

Configure the simple report designer

Over 200 standard reports out of the box

Configure everything to suit your organisations routine and include you most intensive tasks

Change user prompts and input styles

Add, amend or remove sort orders

Assign user and advanced level permissions

OM.Net Modules

OM.Net Analytics integrates flawlessly with the other OM.Net modules, providing you with the tools to achieve the ultimate goal of providing better customer engagement through relationship management.