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A client focused approach

The power of an integral CRM solution is not enough on its own. While the focus of any CRM implementation project is optimisation and efficiency, the ability for users’ to get the most of the software in a confident and productive manner is essential. As part of the implementation of the project, we provide our customers with trainers who aim to understand their clients organisational needs and processes to ensure that the optimum training results are achieved.

Hands-on training sessions

User participation is key to the success of any project. It does not matter how easy a piece of software is to use, if the users do not have the right tools and knowledge to utilise the functionality available, then the implementation may not be a success. Situational exercises are the best learning approach to ensure user participation and understanding. By designing our training sessions based on realistic and personalised situations, our trainers provide a user-friendly experience based on practice and interaction.


User-level training

As part of a project, advanced users are identified and will help test Eudonet CRM integral software  during the various stages of implementation. These advanced users can offer support during training to encourage participation and help facilitate change management. In order to simplify learning, we break down training by topic according to the roles of the different users.

Administrator-level training

Once the user training is complete, we provide the advanced users with Administrator training. This high-level training will provide the advanced user with the skills and knowledge to carry out more complex tasks and manage the features of Eudonet CRM integral software more effectively.


Friendly support when you need it most

Eudonet UK provide a UK based HelpDesk service which can be included as part of the annual fees. The UK HelpDesk team are available from 9:00am to 5:00pm Monday to Fridays excluding public holidays. An issue can be raised via the customer extranet HelpDesk application or by e-mail. The HelpDesk system facilitates the recording of the issue and provides a unique reference number for tracking purposes. The HelpDesk service is supported by an online HelpDesk portal. This portal allows customers to raise tickets for technical support and assistance 24 hours a day. The portal enables customers to track / view / review their “tickets” through to their conclusion. This system gives the customer a comprehensive view of their “tickets” life cycle, from beginning to end.


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