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Eudonet is a powerful and adaptable tool, it provides the necessary support for smooth deployment of the solution. The ultimate combination for connecting technology, processes, people and data. French Chamber of Great Britain, Managing Director
Customer Eudonet : French Chamber of Great Britain
Finally, a unique and powerful tool that unites all our teams in a twin purpose: To deliver better services, bringing added value to our members, and to deliver customer satisfaction through gaining a deeper understanding of their needs. French Chamber Hong-Kong, Managing Director
Happy user : French Chamber Hong-Kong
Integrating sales, invoicing and payment processes within the CRM, is the best way to get end-users to use the solution. All relevant KPIs are in the same place, enabling us to better manage and develop our organisation. French CCI in Romania, Managing Director
Happy user : French CCI in Romania
This is a real production tool, fully connected to our websites, and capable of managing all our needs and services, both locally and globally CCI France International, Network Director
Happy user : CCI France International
The .Net platform means it integrates seamlessly with other systems and application. ECIA, Membership and IT Manager
Eudonet UK were able to interpret our specific requirements and make the CRM solution work for us. NFU, Membership Manager
Compared to past systems it is easy to find what you are looking for. Mensa, Events and Membership Manager Find out more
The CRM solution has enabled us to become more efficient and effective when communicating with our customers. IHEEM, Membership Manager
The CRM solution is very adaptable. I particularly like the Web Tool integration, it is a life saver! PBFA, Membership Manager
The ability to speak to someone who knows their subject coupled with a real ‘can do approach’ is so refreshing. BGA, Membership Manager
We chose Eudonet UK because they have a good understanding of human factors in the not-for-profit sector, a dimension we know is not always appreciated by technology companies. British Parachute Association Ltd, Secretary-General
Eudonet UK client : BPA