Letter of commitment concerning the ILO

In my capacity as CEO of Eudonet, I Antoine Henry, undertake to respect the International Labour Organisation’s 1998 declaration, and to require my partners to do the same, notably concerning the following aspects:

  • Abolition of slavery and forced labour (convention 29, dated 28.06.1930 and convention 105, dated 25.06.1957
  • Abolition of child labour (convention 138, dated 26.06.1973 and convention 182, dated 17.06.1999)
  • Freedom of Association and Protection of the Right to Organise (convention 87, dated 09.07.1948 and convention 98, dated 01/07/1951)
  • Equal Remuneration (convention 100 dated 29.06.1951 on remuneration and prohibition of any and all discrimination)
  • Physical harassment or bullying in the workplace
  • Discrimination in Respect of Employment and Occupation (convention 111 dated 25.06.1958)
  • Respect for all laws and sector standards regarding working hours
  • Non-discrimination and equal rights

The entirety of the declaration and its conventions can be found on the the ILO website: https://www.ilo.org/global/standards/lang–en/index.htm