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Our software editing and integration expertise enables us to develop and improve our integral CRM products according to the specific needs of each of our clients. Our project and support teams communicate with clients on a regular basis and deliver feedback on best practices within the sectors we service. This helps us in the pursuit of our goal: to ensure our products are the success story of our sectors. Implementing our integral CRM into their organisation will enable our clients to centralise all their activities utilising our Cloud-based solution.

Management of members

Effortlessly identify and integrate your current and future members by simplifying all the stages of their membership. Your administrative processes have never been so intuitive with the Eudonet CRM integral software dedicated to associations and NFPs!
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Event Management

Create an event in just a few clicks! With Eudonet’s Event Management integral CRM, you can set price levels and invite your guests.
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Donation and sponsorship management

Increase your contacts’ support across your organisations key projects utilising Eudonet’s donations and sponsorship integral management features.
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Activity management and KPI’s

Choose and manage your key performance indicators and build dashboards reflecting actions to quickly and efficiently manage your objectives and activity.
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Multichannel communication

Use the best channels to send quality messages to your members, and analyse the impact of your communications.
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Member area

Connect your Eudonet CRM integral base to your entire technology network. Our Open API will allow you to interact in real time with the back-office CRM.
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Connected and Mobile CRM

With your integral Eudo Touch application, your CRM is in your pocket, meaning you stay productive on the go. Employees benefit from a solution available everywhere and at all times. This is a must-have extension!
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The SaaS Eudonet CRM integral solution is 100% secure and allows you to store all your data on the cloud.
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Connect Eudonet with your member areas, external databases or any other tool in your Information System thanks to our API.
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Eudo Store

Push the limits of your software network by activating the multiple extensions available in our Store according to your needs.
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Shared address book

Gather, find and share information from all your contacts and organisations. Log all of your exchanges and interactions in full GDPR compliance.
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Shared calendars

Organise your team work and keep track of your actions. Schedule different tasks or appointments and receive notifications.
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Intuitive operation and 360 ° vision

With its adapted ergonomics, its 360 ° view, its easy input and search or its duplication, navigate easily in Eudonet and guarantee the quality of your data.
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Easy administration tool

Customise the appearance of your interface, your processes and automations and with the changes made to the settings made in real time.
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A flexible and adaptive CRM platform gives you the advantage of choosing only the features you need. This makes it a cost-effective option as you only pay for the features you actually use. Therefore, whatever sector your organisation is in, whether you are large or small you can benefit greatly from Eudonet integral  software. With Eudonet you can count on a solution that genuinely suits you and will allow you to optimise the sharing of information and communications with all your contacts. You will gain access to a wealth of relevant data that can be easily accessed in one location.