Organise your efficiency thanks to a shared and collaborative calendar

Coordinate each of your actions and link them directly with your daily activity

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A shared calendar at the heart of your organisation

Organise the success of your meetings with the shared calendar in integral Eudonet CRM

Between internal meetings, customer meetings, working time reserved for the development of your projects; in the office, on the road… your organisation is the keystone of your success in achieving your tasks. Find all the features of your integral CRM linked to your calendar in Eudonet: view all your meetings and actions in the calendar, day, week, month, task or list of files. Access all the necessary information directly and quickly. In your calendar, create and schedule your alerts, recurrences of tasks, and apply a confidentiality option to them so that you are the only one able to access your documentation.
Collaborative calendar CRM

Give a collaborative dimension to your actions

Being able to organise collaborative work is an essential element for an organisations growth. With integral Eudonet CRM, you can manage the resources of the company (meeting rooms, video projectors, vehicles, etc.) and check the availability of employees using the shared calendar. Assign tasks, meetings and appointments, distribute the workload between employees and share essential information with them so that everyone can complete the tasks allocated to them.
Shared calendar CRM

Track and plan your interactions

With integral Eudonet CRM, you follow all the interactions with your contacts: list of appointments, tasks performed, upcoming actions, calendar, history. This information is shared in real time with the various departments of your company.

See the big picture, keep an eye on the detail

To properly manage your business activity, you need to gain height while having an eagle view. Macro-management combined with micro-management are your assets in making informed decisions and effective team management for more productivity. With integral Eudonet CRM, you have a macro view of the activity of your team or of an employee. In one click, you enter the micro vision of each planned action or task.


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