All-in-one Abstract and Grant Management

Configurable and flexible for you and your submitters and reviewers


OM.Net Abstract & Grant

The OM.Net Abstract and Grant Module is a web based interface linked to OM.Net ensuring submitters, reviewers, panellists, adjudicators are all linked through to the OM.Net Core and Events Modules.
Historically, abstract management was a time-consuming manual process requiring handling of large amounts of paper and created a considerable administrative workload. The OM.Net Abstract and Grant Module streamlines and automates your Abstract and Grant processes freeing you and the administration team up to concentrate on analysis and review.
OM.Net Abstracts can manage:

  • Call for papers – Administrators are able to design templates for emailing target audiences
  • Submission – Create submission forms, define submission rules
  • Marking / Scoring – Define the scoring and marking scheme
  • Review – All elements of the reviewing process
  • Completion and Scheduling – Link through to relevant sessions within OM.Net

The key features of OM.Net Abstract & Grant

Call for papers

Submission completion rules

Administrator defined Scoring / Marking

Comments scoring and adjudication

Design and save templates

Word counts mandatory fields

Guidance notes for reviewers

Emailing notifications

Submission designer

Submitters dashboard to show statuses

Anonymise features

Links to Events Module for assigning of approved paper to streams

OM.Net Modules

OM.Net Abstract and Grant Module integrates flawlessly with the other OM.Net modules, providing you with the tools to achieve the ultimate goal of providing better customer engagement through relationship management.


“ The ability to speak to someone who knows their subject coupled with a real ‘can do approach’ is so refreshing. ”

BGA, Membership Manager