Adaptable Subscription Management with OM.Net Membership

Configurable and flexible for you and your team

OM.Net Membership

The OM.Net Membership Module seamlessly extends OM.Net, giving you a configurable, flexible system to manage your subscription requirements.
Memberships can be maintained for individuals or organisations and can be processed in a variety of ways, helping you manage complex fee structures and grades. OM.Net can be tailored to meet customer specific membership calculation requirements.
If you need to manage many membership schemes for different associations, the OM.Net Multi-Company features allow you to compartmentalise your generated revenue for accounting and analysis across all modules.

OM.Net Membership can improve:

  • Retention rates, automated billing processes with Direct Debits can encourage renewal
  • Simple Statements, quickly access balances outstanding and payments
  • Discount pricing, joining incentives, pro-rata adjustments and special discounts
  • Add on support, magazine subscriptions, insurances and optional extras
  • Invoice processing, multiple, flexible ways to administrate invoices

The key features of OM.Net Abstract & Grant

Bulk and individual renewals reminder

Range based fees

Variations of installments monthly, qtrly, yearly, bi-annually

Bulk and individual lapsing

Early payment discounts

Self-Service with OM.Net Web Tools

Direct debits AUDDIS / ADDACS / ARRUD

Document automation renewal notices, reminder letters, pro-forma invoices

Bulk and individual processing

Aged Debtor and account statements

Payer choices self-pay, joint, linked, paid by other

OM.Net Modules

OM.Net Membership Module integrates flawlessly with the other OM.Net modules. Providing you with the tools to achieve the ultimate goal of providing better customer engagement through relationship management.


“ Eudonet UK were able to interpret our specific requirements and make OM.Net work for us. OM.Net is more fluid, intuitive and provides more options than previous versions. ”

NFU, Membership Manager